Anna Vakil PhD CCH

Board-certified in homeopathy

Certified metabolic balance® coach

                              Serving southwest Arizona & beyond

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  Why homeopathy?

  Safe and effective:

 No drug residue and no risk of addiction. Homeopathic medicines are made from mineral, plant and animal substances that are highly diluted using a unique manufacturing process.


You are viewed as a whole person including body and mind, not a collection of body parts.


   Rather than expensive life-long treatment, the ultimate aim of homeopathy is to reach your highest level of health as quickly as possible with

   minimal dependence upon any medications or supplements, including homeopathic remedies.

About me

My name is Anna Vakil. I believe that people can take  charge of their own health and that walking the path toward wellness should be an empowering experience. As a practitioner of homeopathy, I provide that experience to my clients. It is an honor to bring this approach to the first homeopathy health and wellness practice in Yuma!

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Office, video-conference or phone

Adults, teens and children:

Many conditions including menopause, back and joint pain, anxiety and stress, fatigue, headache, insomnia, high blood pressure, depression, digestive issues, hormonal problems, behavioral problems, asthma, allergies and more

Acute conditions:

Flu, diarrhea, upper respiratory infections, stomach upset, ear infections, coughs and more


Strains, minor injuries and burns

Recovery from surgery
or trauma

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Hot off the press!

"Anna is a courageous practitioner, taking on tough cases. Her academic training has stood her in great stead. She is professional, thorough and is an original thinker who does the back-up work".

- - - Dr. Todd Rowe MD MD(H)

Weight management

Tired of yo-yo dieting? Have you been wanting to find a way to manage your weight permanently?

Anna is a certified metabolic balance® coach!

Find out more about getting a personalized nutrition plan based on your unique body chemistry and composition, using food as medicine.

It's time to get balanced!

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