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Anna Vakil PhD CCH

Board-certified in homeopathy

Certified metabolic balanceĀ® coach

                              Serving southwest Arizona

Welcome to the Client Portal of Yuma Homeopathy. Here you will find everything you need including fees, forms and office policies as well as how to communicate with me.


      Yuma Homeopathy Pledge

Respect your dignity and rights.

    * Protect the security and privacy of your

        personal and other information.

    * Observe honesty and transparency in all


    * Establish and maintain professional

        boundaries in our relationship with you.

    * Provide timely referrals to other health care
       professionals when appropriate.

    * Collaborate with other providers who are

        assisting with your health care, including

        your primary care practitioner.

    * Provide information necessary to help you

        manage your health care expenses.
    * Assure professional conduct as defined by

        the Code of Ethics of the Council on

        Homeopathic Certification.

    * Educate and serve our local community.


Some of these are for me and others are for you. Please go to the Forms page.

Office policies:

Our office policies, communication and other important procedures. Check out our Family Discount Program and Referral Program.

Office policies (*.pdf version)

What to expect:

For information about how to prepare for your first homeopathy consultation and what you can expect during this visit and afterwards.

What to expect (*.pdf version)

Insurance reimbursement:

For information about how to investigate getting reimbursed through health insurance for the cost of homeopathy consultations.

Insurance reimbursement (*.pdf version)