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What to Expect

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Please read this carefully before your first appointment and re-read or print it, especially if you have not visited us for some time.

Preparing for Your Homeopathy Consultation

The Registration Form and What to Bring
You are asked to complete a Registration Form prior to your consultation. The form asks for basic medical information such as current medications, surgeries and hospitalizations, family medical history and current diagnoses. Please bring this form with you to your consultation. Please also bring copies of past medical records along with you if possible.

Homeopathic practitioners are interested in knowing who you are on all levels.  This extends beyond your physical symptoms.  Who we are is often revealed in our artwork, hobbies and dreams.  If possible, please bring any artwork and notes on recent dreams you have had to the consultation. 

For Children
It is extremely helpful if both parents are present for the consultation. If this is impossible, a letter from the parent not present summarizing issues or concerns can be useful. Alternatively, we may contact the other parent by phone after the consultation to get their input. If you as the parent are separated or divorced, we require the Consultation Agreement (Minor) to be signed by both parents before seeing your child. On the day of the consultation, please permit your child to choose comfortable clothing.  Choice of dress can be helpful in revealing the child’s nature and preferences. Please complete the Child Registration form and bring it with you to your child's consultation. Copies of your child’s artwork are also helpful along with immunization records and past medical records.

Your First Appointment

A homeopathic consultation involves an extensive discussion that may cover unfamiliar ground for those who are accustomed to a few quick questions from a busy doctor.  The Comprehensive Consultation will last 2 hours in order to discuss multiple chronic symptoms; the Therapeutic Focus Consultation will last 1 hour and will focus on a single condition. Both types of intakes involve a holistic assessment of your health. You will be asked to describe your problem(s) in a fair amount of detail, for example: when and how the condition(s) started, the sensations you feel, exactly where the pain is located, what makes your condition(s) worse or better, bodily discharges, and how all of this affects you emotionally.  You will also be asked to describe your energy level, eating and sleep patterns and life history. This is because we need to get to know you as a person. During the first visit, we will jointly set your goals for homeopathic care.

Your healing journey

What to Expect After Taking the Medicine
Following the consultation, the practitioner will take a couple of days to conduct an individualized analysis of the information presented in your case and a remedy will be chosen to begin stimulating the healing process. This might be either a single one-time dose or a daily/weekly dose. You will pick up your remedy (or it will be sent to you separately if you are an off-site client), at which time instructions for taking the remedy and other supportive information will be shared with you. After taking the remedy, temporary worsening of current symptoms, return of old symptoms or development of new symptoms sometimes occurs and is an immediate indication that your body is responding to the medicine. If a reaction occurs that concerns you, or if you have any other questions or concerns, do not hesitate to call us during our regularly scheduled Call-in Support time or at any other time during business hours.

Homeopathic healing is usually gradual and gentle, so patience is a necessary ingredient that you must add to your healing. You will, however, experience definite improvement within a few weeks of starting the correct remedy. Later on, homeopathic care might also involve organ and system support to further stimulate the healing process. Depending on the number and nature of your conditions, between 3 and 24 months is usually required for symptoms to be reduced substantially or go away completely. Once your health goals have been achieved, homeopathic remedies can be used to address acute illnesses and/or other conditions that might arise in the future.

This is an empowerment-based and holistic practice, so you will be taking charge of, and responsibility for, your own healing.  During homeopathic care, you will be asked to take on the position of observer of your body, mind and emotions as part of monitoring your progress. You will most likely be asked to make some necessary modifications to your habits, routines and attitudes since all these play an important positive role as well. Making needed changes is always challenging, so remember to be patient with yourself—healing is a journey!
Follow-up appointments
Because homeopathic healing is gradual, monitoring is very important, so follow-up appointments will be scheduled at regular intervals. As a convenience, these can be via video-conference or phone. Over the course of follow-up, we will provide evidence-based coaching and support to facilitate your progress. We may refer you for other integrative therapies and when appropriate will work collaboratively with these practitioners as well as your primary care provider.

Clients who return for their regularly scheduled follow-up appointments achieve their health goals in shorter time, with better results and lower total costs. The main purpose of follow-up homeopathy appointments is not to simply refill a prescription; rather, their purpose is to monitor your health so that changes or adjustments to your remedy can be made in order to speed up your progress. For this reason, appointments are scheduled even when you are doing well. Skipping follow-up appointments, ending homeopathic care prematurely, or stopping and starting up again unfortunately usually results in losing progress that has previously been made. Although you may be taking remedies and be under active care for up to two years, it is important to keep in mind that the ultimate goal of homeopathic care is that you reach your highest level of health possible with little or no dependence on supplements or medication, including homeopathic remedies. Commitment and persistence always pays off! 

Acute care, first aid and rehabilitation

Please contact us if during the course of homeopathic care you come down with an acute illness like flu or if you experience flare-up of a chronic symptom. It is important that we learn about this since the pattern of your complaint provides us important clues about your healing. As well, most short-term illnesses respond well to homeopathy so we maintain an inventory of more than 400 remedies for this purpose.

Urgent conditions of a non-life-threatening nature that might require first aid also respond well to homeopathy. Homeopathic remedies are so effective for these circumstances (pain and inflammation from a minor injury or burn) that the first experience often makes “believers” out of even the most hardened skeptics! If a trip to Urgent Care or the Emergency Room is necessary, homeopathy can help with recovery afterwards. Likewise, homeopathy can help speed recovery and rehabilitation following surgery or trauma.

An Acute Care Consultation appointment is 15 minutes to ½-hour and can be in-office or by phone. You may be asked to take one or more doses of a remedy over a couple of days. When treated for an acute illness, you should notice improvement within the first 24 hours, though you will probably still require a normal recovery period. Off-site clients will need to purchase the prescribed remedy in their own locality. New clients requesting an Acute Care Consultation must be seen in-office.