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Is homeopathy a type of holistic alternative medicine?

Yes, homeopathy is a type of integrative medicine, also called complementary or alternative medicine, that employs a holistic approach to health. Therapies that use a holistic approach tend to fall into one of two main groups: complete systems, and what is often called "body work". There are hundreds of types of body work, including massage, yoga, cranio-sacral therapy and many others. Homeopathy is one of a small number of complete systems of medicine, including ayurvedic, Chinese and other types of traditional medicine, involving the use of remedies or techniques that can address acute and chronic illnesses, both mental and physical.  Homeopathic remedies, however, are classified as drugs rather than herbs or supplements and are made from natural substances employing a unique manufacturing process. Homeopathy complements almost all types of body work, and also works well with other complete systems (including conventional medicine). Call (928) 247-6385 for a 15-minute free consultation or send an E-mail to find out how homeopathy can help you.

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